Before You Build



Your construction team is integral in the efficient construction of your building project and achievement of your overall goals. Each members of that team must be focused on the same objectives and goals in order that you will meet your deadlines and get maximum value for your money. Your key team members will include a Structural Engineer and the Quantity Surveyor. In choosing to buy a stock plan, you would already have in your design package information from your quantity surveyor and structural engineer saving you the time and money of have to collaborate with these individuals separately for building approval.

Land Surveyor-A land surveyor is an important person who performs a physical recording of your property. In doing this, they will use special equipment to record and verify land titles, existing buildings and structures, physical features such as trees, rocks, boulders, plants and locate boundary markers (peg) for your lot. In order to choose your house plan it is important to know the size, boundaries and physical features of your lot so you can ascertain if the house plan you have chosen in fact fit your land.

Quantity Surveyor– A quantity surveyor is your building accountant/economist. The person will help you to manage your resources and money to build your project. A Quantity Surveyor is often times overlooked in the overall building process but is integral in the timely delivery of your project and in determining the cost for labour, time and materials. They are trained to manage the money and funds paid out to building contractors and personnel at every stage of the project from conception to completion.


Building Contractor-your building contractor is responsible for building your project to the design specification and standards of the architect or designer within a specified timeframe and budget. He manages his site personnel or team to create time schedules and deliverables towards the timely completion of the project specified by the client and architect.


Structural Engineer– your structural engineer will determine sizing your structural members (columns, beams and support walls, foundations, retaining walls and roofs), to support and create your building or structure. He or she calculates or specified the size of structural members, the amount of steel or reinforcement that is required, and locations to be placed within the house for it to maintain its structural integrity and withstand various loads and forces in nature.