Get Started

1) Choose a Unit.

2) Place a non-refundable deposit of JMD 25,000.00 for a site inspection in Kingston to examine the terrain of your land, the soil type, and accessibility, etc. (The inspection will be done within 14 days). Inspection in other parishes/areas outside of Kingston will incur travel expense fee plus the JMD 25,000.00 site inspection fee.

3) After site inspection, sign a contract with us to do the works.

4) A payment of J$65,000 (At the time of this website being built. This fee may change over time based on the government regulations/policies etc) is then required to commence site and building plans for submission to and approval by the Parish Council.

5) Secure your NHT, Building Society, Bank or other commitments to finance the project.

6) Work will commence within two (2) weeks after the approval of the Parish Council (subject to the availability of the client funds for construction). The work will be completed within 8 – 12 weeks thereafter, all things being equal.



The EGO Building System is approved by:


  1. The Jamaica Bureau of Standardsb)
  2. Peter Jarvis and Associates (Structural Engineers)
  3. By the KSAC. Interest is also being shown by the National Housing Trust and numerous professionals, contractors and home buyers.


Working in conjunction with the NHT and all major building societies.