How to find a Jamaican Architect


Finding the right architect to design your house or houses on your build on own and project can be a daunting task for most clients but there are simple methods that you can use to make selection simple.

  1. You can find architect to design residential, resort, and commercial building types in a local telephone book or the Incoporated Master Builders Association.

Build on own land Jamaica

  1. For restoration projects you can contact local historical societies (to assist in maintaining your buildings historic and social value). e.g. Jamaica National Heritage Trust (website or speak with us at Affordable Home Concepts.
  2. Contact Affordable Home Concepts for your one stop shop for your build on own land Jamaica project.


In order to design/build your customized designed home  you should take the following into consideration:

  • Each architect has a different design approach and style.
  • Your project will take several months to be realized and you will have to work closely with your architect during this time. You should therefore choose that you can communicate with, and someone that will be willing t listen to requests and give you honest and give you honest and objective advice that will positively address your needs and desires.

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  • Qualification and experience- Ask how long the project will take and if you are being cued. If you are borrowing money to finance your project this could significantly affect the interest paybacks of your project, if you have a long time wait for its design and production.
  • Requesting literature that describes the firms design philosophy, specialization.
  • Identify a house that you like and ask the owner, friends, or neighbour about the architect and their experience working with them.
  • It helps to know what you want in order to identify which architect can fulfill your needs.
  • Interview your architect. Ask to see their portfolio, software used in the production of the design; ask about their design processes and what makes them different and why are they right for your project.
  • Discuss fees and anticipated construction cost of your project.


Your architect will want to know about how you live daily. He or she will be interested in your habits, ritual, wants and dislikes. Even if you are working on a tight budget it makes no sense to cut on design process – after all you will have to live with all of the choices that you made any bad decisions or regrettable mistakes.

Your architect will ask some of the following questions to begin your project:

  • How do you live and how do you need to live?
  • Your architect will enquire about your daily routine in order to see how you  use your space
  • What architectural style would like the house to be design in?
  • How much time do spend in each room every day?
  • Do you need separate areas for entertaining, computer usage, studying?
  • What do like or dislike about the house you currently live in?
  • How long do plan to live in this house?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you want to construct your house in phrase?
  • What security measures you would like to be incorporated into the design?
  • Is it a weekend home for short term usage


  • A custom designed plan is one that is designed by architect to meet the precise specializations of the client who commission the build on own land project. This usually takes considerably more time (as much 300 hours) to produce, as it involves client interviews presentation and collaboration of various construction professional involved in a project team, all working towards the single goal of meeting the needs of an individual client.
  • A pre-designed (stock) plan is one that is not custom designed but instead sold to many different people. They are usually pre drawn or designed to, and can be ordered from catalogue, magazine or website. Contact Affordable Home Concepts for more info on our pre-designed plans.
  • A customizable (predesigned) plan facilitates minor modification by changing the widows, door types, colours, sliding a door, adding a dormer roof and so on. However, it is still not considered or classified as “custom design”. A custom design”. A customizable design is not commissioned by an individual but rather designed for and available to many/potential client(s).