Construction Management

Construction project management combines the responsibilities of a traditional project manager with the skills and expertise of the construction industry. Because construction projects in Jamaica are always changing, a successful construction project manager needs a wide range of skills and abilities to manage diverse teams and construction projects.

Construction project managers help ensure the project is tracking along to plan. They manage the project so it finishes on time and on budget, and that their team completes it according to building codes, plans, and specs. Other functions can include specifying scope, budget, and schedules, selecting subcontractors and workers, developing communication strategy for resolving conflicts, and more that may arise on your build on own land Jamaica project

Did You Know?

THE ideal construction project is smoothly executed with satisfied users, delivered on budget and on time, with few surprises and with the contractors having enjoyed a reasonable profit. However, construction projects ranging from renovations to the erection of large new buildings present myriad challenges such as confusion, complexity, error and dispute.

Avoiding Costly Delays

It is in the employer’s interest to facilitate smooth cash flow on the project. In the typical structure, the contractor is continuously spending on materials and labour and the employer’s failure to pay over necessary funds to the contractor could cause delays and disrupt the progress of the works.

Delays in construction are costly for several reasons, such as the contractor being obliged to extend insurance coverage and bear additional costs of being on the site during the contract period